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Vikings cut OL Isame Faciane after DUI

23 November 2013:  FIU defensive tackle Isame Faciane (99) watches for the snap in the second quarter as the Marshall Thundering Herd defeated the FIU Golden Panthers, 48-10, at FIU Stadium in Miami, Florida.
Samuel Lewis

Offensive lineman Isame Faciane was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, and the team wasted little time in cutting him. He was on the practice squad. He’ll now have to try to find another team, which could be hard considering teams have plenty of practice squad-caliber players without these types of issues off the field.

According to reports of the incident from NBC’s Darin Gantt:

“Faciane was arrested last Wednesday at 2:33 a.m. when police spotted him driving around construction barricades and going the wrong way down a highway ramp. He was the first Viking arrested since December 2014, which made him an easy guy to make an example of.”

When asked about it on Monday, coach Mike Zimmer said that the team hadn’t made any decisions yet and was gathering information. He also said:

“My thoughts are that it’s disappointing and that’s one of the things I’m trying to get rid of around here, making sure that our fans are being represented in the right way. It was stupid, and we’ll see.’’

When they got all the fact, they were apparently enough to make the cut.

This was not a hard decision at all. Even if it turns out that he was not guilty of the allegations being leveled against him, the team isn’t exactly hurting for practice squad players. In today’s age, where news spreads so quickly and PR can be impacted overnight, teams are faster than ever to cut players who break the law, even if they’re on the active roster. For a guy who can’t even make that roster, there is no reason to do anything but move on.

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