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Giants being sued for falling team photo at MetLife Stadium

2015 November 1; New York Giants at New Orleans Saints; a New York Giants helmet rests on the sideline during a game in New Orleans, Louisiana
Photographer: John Korduner/Icon Sportswire

A team photo of the New York Giants is causing a great deal of controversy for the team, causing them to actually be sued for the memorabilia. Well, sort of.

According to Anthony G. Attrino of NJ.com, a woman who claims that she was injured when a large, framed team photo fell on her in a stadium gift shop as she browsed for souvenirs has sued the Giants.

In the court papers, Laura Gallagher says that she was a customer in the Giants Team Store on September 14, 2014 when a large New York Giants picture frame “fell from a shelf and violently struck her,” according to the suit filed last month in the Bergen County Superior Court.

The lawsuit was filed by the Clark Law Firm of Belmar on behalf of the 53-year-old Gallagher and claims that she suffers “ongoing pain, anguish and emotional distress” from the injuries sustained in the incident. They are also accusing MetLife Stadium and the team for destroying or failing to preserve the picture frame as evidence.

Unfortunately this is the first time that the Giants have been sued for memorabilia incidents.

The team is already facing litigation for reportedly giving Michael Strahan a fake game jersey after he helped them upset the undefeated New England Patriots in 2008’s Super Bowl XLII. Apparently they went to extreme lengths to pull off the switch.

“The Giants went to great lengths to make the jersey they gave to Strahan falsely appear as if it was worn during the Super Bowl, even adding Gatorade stains to the fabric,” the official court papers say.

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